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Friday, September 06, 2019

Do You Want To Know The Best Film Industry in India? Check This Out!

Best Film Industry in India: Many film people doesn’t accept cinema as an Industry. But, in terms of an unknown person,   Cinemas are produced in a film Industry by paying daily wages to its workers. India is the second largest in producing movies after korea. As we all know, India has many regional languages and the films are made for entertaining people of that particular regional language.


However, every successful movie in one Indian regional language is either dubbed or remade into other regional languages. So, we cannot say particularly a film industry in India is superior to other Industry.

But, as a film lover, I know the best film Industries in India that producing best movies and worthy movies to watch. The journey of Cinema in India was started in Madras presidency.  Later on, the presidency might have been separated as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and other states. But, the real essence of Indian Film Making is still resided in so called Chennai (Madras).

I give my first preference to Tamil Film Industry as an Indian film lover. The Technical Values in Tamil Cinema has given more importance when compared with other India languages (may be few exceptions). Moreover, here you can see all types of genres and most of them are closely related to the real lives of people.

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